I Blame Intellectual Cooling

Dear people of Earth;

Please, I'm begging you; stop using the term Global Warming. Instead, use the term Climate Change. If you continue to say Global Warming, idiots will keep showing up on the news, saying things like "Durr, it's cold today. I don't feel no global warming." Clearly, the concept of a year-long average global temperature is beyond their intellectual grasp. They cannot comprehend the idea that, even though winters are colder, hotter summers still push the yearly average temperature higher than decades ago.

Stop saying "Global Warming."

Start saying "Climate Change."

Use the proper term. In doing so, you'll be saving intelligent people worldwide a lot of facepalms.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Love always,

P.S. Dear Polar Bears;
How are things? Not so good? Yeah... about that...

::::: | Wednesday, Apr 22 2015 at 7:55 PM
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