The Coldest State

This coming Saturday marks the beginning of summer, but it felt more like winter today. Temps never made it out of the 50s, and the sky was gloomy and gray. It all has me in the mood for a playlist like this:

In fall of 2012, I walked into a Borders bookstore and overheard something coming from the speakers overhead. "Is that... Beck?" The album was Sea Change, and I bought the CD on the spot. It was such a compelling album. It was sad and yearning, heartfelt yet often distant. I loved it.

Eleven and a half years later, we get Beck's follow up to Sea Change, which also happens to be his first album since 2008's Modern Guilt. The album is called Morning Phase, and it is supposedly intended as a companion album for Sea Change. I have to admit, I don't find Morning Phase to be anywhere near as compelling as Sea Change... but, when the new album is good, it's very good. My favorite track from it is Heart Is a Drum. Give it a listen in the playlist above.

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