It's The Same Things, It's The Same Things

I swear, there was a theme when I started building this playlist. Yeah, well, that didn't last long. I'll open and close it with a pair from Jamie Cullum, and in between... it'll wander.

If you recognize the voice of John K. Samson, congrats! He's the lead singer from The Weakerthans, a band that seems almost unheard of outside of Canada, and that's a shame. The Weakerthans are fantastic! His solo album is called Provincial.

I've been a World Party fan for ages (well, ever since the album Goodbye Jumbo). I Hope It All Works Out For You is from their 2012 demos and out-takes compilation called Arkeology. I can't imagine how big of a fan one needs to be to buy a five disk box set of demos and out-takes, but I certainly didn't. Thank you, Multnomah County Library.

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