I Love The Unknown

I really enjoy The Front Bottoms, but I can't help thinking their lyrics intentionally leave me out of whatever details are required to understand what's being said. There's more to the story, and they're not telling.

"She says 'Could you feel that?
Oh, what a marvelous sensation.'
She says 'Could you please take me off speakerphone,
this is a private conversation.'
And I am washing my hair with soap."

Is it a song about a guy in a tub thinking random thoughts? Maybe. Whatever it is, it's the closing track in the following playlist, which also opens one of their songs. What can I say? I'm a fan.

She asked him,
"Why can we not be together?
Why is it we have to part?
Why did you leave with a stranger when I am revealing my heart?"

"Because I love the unknown.
I love the unknown."
He says he loves the unknown.

--Eef Barzelay, "I Love The Unknown"

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