While I'm Watching Vito

As I type this, a small robotic vacuum named Vito is maneuvering back and forth in wacky patterns across the floor behind me. It's amusing enough that it becomes a form of entertainment. It's such a strange thing. Vito is a Neato XV-11, but he came with an attachment that basically makes him a Neato XV-21 for half the price. The whole numbering system is kind of scammy, but I'm not here to write about Neato, or Vito. I'm just explaining why this playlist is loud. It's loud because Vito is vacuuming. Vito is vacuuming because I don't.

The playlist begins and ends with a pair of tracks from Band Of Skulls. I wrote them off initially due to their horrible name, but they're actually a great rock band.

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