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It usually sounds a bit odd when artists re-record their own songs. Some bands do it because their previous record deals were so bad that they make no money when their old albums sell, so they rerecord their hits in hopes of actually making money when we buy the new versions. Toad The Wet Sprocket released some pretty terrible new versions of their older songs a few years ago. The Wonder Stuff did too. Terrible.

Mike Doughty took a different approach, for a different reason, when he rerecorded an entire album of his songs from his days with Soul Coughing. He recorded 13 songs - 13 of his songs - the way he'd originally intended them to sound. I must say, some of the new versions are quite good, and since they sound so different than the Soul Coughing versions, it's easier for a listener to enjoy them without comparing the new and the old. I think the new Mr. Bitterness, in particular, is excellent. And that's where I'll begin this playlist.

Mike Doughty's new album is called Circles Super Bon Bon... (actually, it's called "Circles Super Bon Bon Sleepless How Many Cans? True Dreams Of Wichita Monster Man Mr. Bitterness Maybe I'll Come Down St. Louise Is Listening I Miss The Girl Unmarked Helicopters The Idiot Kings So Far I Have Not Found The Science"). Highly recommended!

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