I Will Follow You

On first listen, Bell X1's latest album 'Chop Chop' was a disappointment. I'm a huge fan of artists who make the studio part of their art. My favorite Wilco album will probably always be Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. It's a work of studio art rather than live art recorded for the studio. Bell X1's last few albums have been veering deeper and deeper into studio wizardry, with more and more use of samples and electronic elements. Chop Chop isn't that kind of album though. It was recorded quickly, with instruments rather than samples, and the songs were condensed rather than expanded. There's a simplicity to the album that sounds naked when compared to their previous work. It's a great album, but it requires multiple listens.

I Will Follow You is as heavily produced as the album gets. It's track #2 in this week's playlist. Enjoy!

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