Don't Get Too Grand

A piano playlist for a rainy evening that feels like autumn but isn't.

You're like a party somebody threw me You taste like birthday You look like New Years You're like a big parade through town You leave such a mess but you're so fun
Regina Spektor, "The Party"

...d'awe :)

Of course, I followed that with It's A Motherfucker by Eels, which pretty much kills the sentiment. Ah well. I was mostly going for a mood, sonically rather than lyrically. Not that it matters.

I think Sarah Jaffe is absolutely badass. She is the sort of artist who has the talent to be whatever she wants to be. She can rock out, or she can sling a country twang like nobody's business. She can even do pop. But I'm most impressed when she takes one of her songs and strips it down to its bare elements. Clementine is from her 2010 album Suburban Nature - which is phenomenal, by the way - but the version I'm posting here is from an EP she released last year called The Way Sound Leaves a Room. It's just her and a piano. And it is superb.

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