I Like The Way You Work It. "No Diggity?"

Some of the playlists I post are more difficult than others. More challenging, perhaps. Or, perhaps just more annoying?

This may be one of those playlists. It's a playlist of covers.

I've never been a big fan of covers, but I love a good remake. I want an artist to put a whole new spin on someone else's piece of music, and there are some marvelous examples of that to be found here.

Marcy Playground really does a fantastic version of Neil Young's The Needle And The Damage Done, though it stays pretty true to the original. Less true to the original is Clem Snide's take on Journey's Don't Stop Believin' and M. Ward's excellent remake of David Bowie's Let's Dance. Clem Snide actually released a collection of Journey covers titled Clem Snide's Journey.

Technically speaking, St. Louise Is Listening isn't a cover since it was written by Mike Doughty, though originally recorded when he was with Soul Coughing.

Lonely Hands by Angus & Julia Stone is even less of a cover since it's them remaking one of their own songs (Just A Boy), originally sung by Angus, but this time sung by Julia.

Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Dream Academy is a particularly interesting cover since they removed the lyrics entirely and kept only the melody. Still, it works.

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