Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

A folksy playlist begins with Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants, from Jay Clifford's fan funded album Silver Tomb For The Kingfisher.

Jay Clifford was the lead singer for the band Jump, Little Children. I was a big fan, so it's nice to hear new work from him. He's streaming his new album in its entirety on his website, here. And it's available on iTunes and Amazon.

Speaking of indie artists, I'm a huge fan of Donovan Woods. He's streaming his second album, Widowmaker, on his website here. I cannot recommend that one highly enough. Oddly, the song Widowmaker is not from the album Widowmaker. It's from his third album, Don't Get Too Grand, which was recently released in Canada but has yet to make it to the U.S.

Rosebush Inside, by Sean Hayes, is from his album Big Black Hole And The Little Baby Star. If you like this song, you'll probably love the entire album. Really, it's superb. Here's his website, where he's streaming a bunch of his music.

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