I'm in the mood for some pop... so... pop it is!

Tanlines: Mixed Emotions is a fun CD, and if you're a Portlander, it's available at the library. They don't exactly sound like they're a band out of Brooklyn, but hey, whatever. It's fun.

Flume: Speaking of fun... this was a fun find from this year's SXSW. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed a lot of this disk.

Phoenix: Their latest CD, Bankrupt, was a bit of a bummer. Technically, it's called "Bankrupt!" but it doesn't deserve an exclamation point, and that's a shame since their previous album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" was genius.

Yeasayer: "Phoenix Wind" is from an EP called End Blood they released in 2011 to celebrate Record Store Day. End Blood was the follow up to their album Odd Blood, which was phenomenal.

Fun.: Fun is a band fronted by Nate Ruess, formerly of The Format. I'm convinced this guy is brilliant, and I'm equally convinced his next album could be crap. And the one after that could be astoundingly good. He's one of those people who has too much talent for his own good, and the end product of his work depends a lot on the people he works with and everyone's ability to bring the best out of each other. His first band, The Format, released two CDs. The first was excellent! The second sucked. Fun has released two CDs. The first sucked. The second was excellent.

Olive: guilty pleasure. Their first CD, "Extra Virgin," was really worth seeking out.

Chet Faker: His only release that I know of so far is an EP called "Thinking In Textures" and it's excellent! If his next album is off the charts amazing, I won't be surprised at all.

Atoms For Peace: I'm sure you know this is Thom Yorke from Radiohead. If you didn't, one listen and the voice will be obvious. His/Their album isn't bad, but they bury the vocals, which turns the album into something that's fun to listen to and quickly discard. That's a shame.

Everything But The Girl: another guilty pleasure. "What's an answer-phone?" Huh? Oh, yeah, there's a line in the song where she mentions using an Answer-Prhone. That's what people in the U.K. called an answering machine. "What's an answering machine?" That's what people the 90's used before voicemail. "What's voicemail?" Ohnoyoudidnotjustaskmethat... Fucking kids these days!

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