How Dare They Crash The Party In Your Mind

I've been on a bit of an Eef Barzelay kick lately. He is the lead singer/songwriter for the alt/country band Clem Snide. Wilco sadly turned into a dad-rock band, whereas Clem Snide stayed on the road less traveled, creating music that less accessible, but, in my opinion, more rewarding for the listener. It's been three years since we've gotten new music from Clem Snide, so I'm digging back through Eef Barzelay's solo work. How Dare They is from his 2007 album Lose Big. It's the closing track in this playlist.

Darwin Deez is a band, not a guy, though there is a guy named Darwin Deez in the band. His real name is Darwin Smith. Their self titled debut CD was an excellent batch of garage pop rock, and while their new album, Songs For Imaginative People, isn't quite as good, I'd still recommend it... but start with the other album first.

Frightened Rabbit is awesome. You probably know that.

Last, but not least, if you're not familiar with Sara Jaffe, you should be. Really.

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