Sting's Teacher Years

I love the fact that somebody named a song Sting's Teacher Years, even though the song has nothing to do with Sting. Or does it? I tried googling the lyrics, but I ended up with pages of links to pages about Sting. Obviously.

This is another playlist of songs from this year's South By Southwest festival. I realize the festival ended in March, but I've been posting these playlists for the past five weeks, and I still have a few more of them before I'm done. All of these SXSW playlists are made up of songs available in the free ("and legal!" he says with a grin) SXSW 2013 torrents. The torrents (a pair of them) consisted of around 1200 songs, of which I've posted 98 (and counting!)

I look forward to going through the SXSW torrents each year. There are always a few gems that I'd have never found otherwise.

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