Soft Water

It seems fitting to post a dark playlist on such a dark day. Then again, I suppose the day has only been dark if your weather resembles what we've had in Portland. It's been gray, and wet.

This is the final playlist in my South By Southwest 2013 series.

I love to sample new music, and South By Southwest provides an excellent, if not laborious, way to do so. Each year, as part of the SXSW festival, a massive compilation of music from the artists performing at SXSW is made available for previewing on the SXSW website. That collection is then released for downloading on the unofficial SXSW torrent site. For the past few years, I've been downloading them. I pick out the stuff that intrigues me and post playlists here. And now, with this playlist finished, I'm done with SXSW for another year.

I wish Portland's own MusicFestNW had a similar music compilation each year. Maybe someday...

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