For weeks now, I've been posting playlists made up of music from this year's South By Southwest festival in Austin. It's not that I'm a huge SXSW fan. I've never even been to the festival. I do this because I'm a sucker for sampling things. I like sampling beer. I like sampling wine. I like sampling food. So, of course, I love sampling music. And that's pretty much what SXSW is: it's a way to sample tons - and I do mean tons - of music. Each year, as part of SXSW, over a thousand songs are posted to the web and made available for download here via torrents (free and legal, I should add). Each year, I download the music, weed out the garbage and make playlists from the stuff that catches my ear.

This week's playlist is more on the rock side of the spectrum.

I have one more playlist from South By Southwest left for next week, and then I'm done with SXSW for another year.

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