Your New Beloved (SXSW 2013)

Every year, as part of the South By Southwest music and technology festival in Austin, a pair of mammoth music downloads are released for free via torrents. It ends up being around 1200 songs, most of which suck. But... but but but... 1 in 10 tend to be pretty good, and a few will be amazing.

If you have the patience to go through the massive amount of music, you can discover some marvelous artists.

Each year, I dump all of the songs from SXSW into iTunes, and you'd be shocked if you knew how quickly I can tear through them all to find the gems, though the vast majority end up being deleted.

This year's South By Southwest festival ended a week ago. Now that I've had time to start going through the music, I'll be posting playlists. Here's the first:

Pop, from SXSW 2013.

I really enjoy Your New Beloved, by Lovelife, but I have a feeling it's not a good example of what the rest of their music sounds like. That's a shame.

Sleepless, by Flume, sounds like summer! It also sounds like it was heavily influenced by Passion Pit, but then again, Passion Pit's high pitched vocal synth samples sound like they were heavily influenced by older work by Kanye West. So, the sound isn't new, but it's an infectious piece of music regardless.

If Paul Couture doesn't have a huge hit with Jackie B Good, he needs to fire his record company. Period.

Whew... that's a pretty big playlist... but there's a lot of music from SXSW to go through. It's safe to assume I'll have another SXSW playlist next week, but in a different format. Folk, perhaps? We'll see.

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Kim Witten said:

Sleepless by Flume reminds me a bit of How to Dress Well and Actress, both of which are great.

Enjoying this list so far, thanks!

::::: | March 26, 2013 11:44 AM

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