May Cause Sexual Side Effects

Just once I want to see a drug advertised on TV using the phrase: "May cause sexual side effects... but you'll LIKE 'em." I don't care what the product was called or what it was created to do, that shit would fly off the shelves faster than you can say "May have sexual side effects, but..."

It amazes me how many drugs have TV ads listing DEATH as a possible side effect, yet the makers of those drugs know that idiots will still march into their doctors' offices to see if they need a prescription for whatever the heck the ad was for.

Choosing the right medicine is so confusing without the ads. All you can do is look at a brown bottle with a white sticker and wonder "Is this the one that lets people surf through a field on a sunny day, or is it the one for the sad cartoon potato?" I want the one that turns a ski slope into a sandy beach. Oh, wait. That's beer.

Yay, beer!

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