I Was Born To Be Your Dead Sea

"You told me I was like the dead sea. You'll never sink when you are with me. Oh, lord, I'm your dead sea." -- The Lumineers

Oh, how time flies. The last time Neko Case released a new album, she performed a song from it on the Tonight Show. The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, that is. 'Tightly' is from further back than that though. It's her 2002 album, Blacklisted. NPR reported eight months ago that she's working on a new album, so, let's hope we get to hear it soon.

Langhorne Slim is a Portland artist I can't say enough good things about. If you're in Muntnomah County and have a library card, guess where you can find a few of his CDs.

The Decemberists aren't British. I wonder if they realize this...?

If you haven't heard Tokyo Sunrise by LP yet, make sure you give that one a listen. And while you do, realize that it's a live recording. Ho-Lee-Cow, what a voice.

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