Today, we are potential digits, mostly represented in the millions. Tomorrow, our votes are counted and, for at least a brief moment, we are individuals again, each with a unique voice represented by a ballot. On Wednesday, we become numbers again as the pollsters blame us collectively for why their predictions were right or wrong.

Most of them are going to be wrong. And they know it. In fact, they've known it all along. Many of them have been wrong by design.

Pollsters only need to get it right once. They need to get it right with their final poll before the election. Before that, they fudge their numbers to benefit their candidate, their company, and whoever pays their bills.

Today, we get the final batch of polls before election day. It'll be interesting to see who was right and who was wrong. Nate Silver, I'm rooting for you!

A playlist of numbers for a week that's all about numbers.

I'm so glad the election is almost over.

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