Even The Odds

As I plugged away at a project this evening, my iTunes kept spitting out songs that sounded like they wanted to be from the 70s or the 90s even though they were all recorded over the past few years. And since I haven't posted a playlist... well... here's a playlist.

Someday, when we look back on this current decade, I wonder what it will have proven to be, musically. All you have to do is say "The 50s" and you can hear Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley & His Comets. Or, The 60s with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The 70s, with hard rock, folk rock, art rock and soul by Led Zeppelin, Simon & Garfunkel, Yes and Stevie Wonder. The 80s was a decade dominated by new wave (Depeche Mode), pop (Madonna) and hair bands (Guns & Roses). The 90s was a decade of grunge (Nivrvana) and hip hop (Notorious BIG).

I'm not sure what the last decade was. Pop and Indie, I suppose. And post-indie, as indie bands were snatched up by major labels.

This current decade seems absolutely aimless. I'm not suggesting there's a lack of good music. There's actually a ton of it, but there isn't anything new. And there isn't a decade-defining sound. At least, not yet. Granted, these things are always easier to spot after the fact... but by this point in the 80s, we'd already had music that defined the decade. Men At Work, Who Can It Be Now? SO 80s! And by this point in the 90s, we'd already had Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.

I suppose this decade will be the decade of the mashup. Everything old is new again, but is there anything new that's new?

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