If I Had A Heart

How did we survive without smartphones?

The other day, as I was watching something on Netflix, I heard a voice I recognized in a piece of music which I recognized, yet didn't. I reached for my iPhone, and... Shazam! It turned out to be a remix of If I Had A Heart by Fever Ray. That made for the beginnings of a playlist, though the song itself landed toward the end of the middle, but that's beside the point.

Wait. There's a point? No, not really. But there's a playlist! And here it is:

Volcano? Is that a cover of Damien Rice? Not exactly. Damien Rice and Bell X1 were once a band known as Juniper. When Juniper broke up, each went on to record a version of Volcano, which I assume they wrote collectively. Though Damien Rice's version is better, I find the Bell X1 version to be compelling as well. I posted the Damien Rice version of Volcano in a playlist ages ago, here.

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