Hold On To What We Are

The album My Head Is An Animal by Of Monsters And Men is really outstanding. The song Your Bones is one of many of its highlights. And it's track #8 in this playlist.

I could mention how the horns in Your Bones thrill me, and how, as they drift in the background beneath a wall of sound, they remind me of The Boo Radleys, but I won't bring it up since the Boo Radleys song here doesn't have horns. Thus, the reference wouldn't make sense, right? Exactly.

Obviously, I'm referring to the song Your Bones rather than your actual bones. If you have horns in your bones, it's really none of my business. And... uhm... ouch?

Also, I have no idea who Black Light Dinner Party is. I assume they're a band, but I've only been able to find a few songs, all of which are linked here from their website. Their website has very little info about them. Do they have an album? Just those four songs? I don't know, but I sure do enjoy what I've heard so far!

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