I want... Reverb

There's a new album out by the band Best Coast, but the two songs of theirs I've posted in this playlist aren't on it. They're from their first CD "Crazy For You." Their debut album was a garage pop/alt record with lots of reverby goodness that sounded like it cost them about fifty bucks to make. And it was great. Their new album sounds like it was recorded in an actual studio. The reverb is gone. And any of the shortcomings from the first album that were easily forgiven due to the honesty of the sound of the record... well... they stand out like a sore thumb on the new one.

Reverb, especially on a microphone, can be a fascinating thing. It creates a distance between the singer and the listener. It creates space. It creates energy. On the other hand, a mic with no reverb sounds closer and more intimate... but this playlist isn't about clean mics and closeness. It's about reverb.

I'll be curious to hear what the band Darwin Deez does next. Their self titled debut album from 2010 was almost painfully catchy. It's a fun piece of indie pop that's really worth seeking out.

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