Go Away My Lover

I've finally had time to chew through all of the music in the South By Southwest torrents. Each year, the SXSW festival posts well over a thousand songs on their website in massive download files. This year, the number of songs came close to 1,200.


That's a lot of music to go through, most of which was crap. But I managed to find over a hundred songs that are really worth checking out. And here's a playlist consisting of a batch of those, beginning with Elizabeth And The Catapult. It took less than five seconds of their song 'Go Away My Lover' before I was hooked - and that was before the whistling! Ooh, the whistling...

If you want to dive deeper into all 1,200-ish songs from the free and legal SXSW downloads, here's where you'll find the files, hosted by google.

::::: | Monday, Apr 02 2012 at 12:16 AM
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Kim said:

Oh, thanks for this!

::::: | April 7, 2012 2:02 AM

Rob said:

Glad you enjoyed it. I got so much good stuff from SXSW this year that I'll easily be posting a month's worth of these.

::::: | April 9, 2012 1:08 AM

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