Cold Feet

More music from this year's SXSW Festival. They provided a ton - and I do mean a TON - of free music for downloading, and I weeded through it all, dividing the good stuff into the series of playlists I've been posting lately.

Here's another.

It's pure coincidence that this playlist begins and ends with feet, and it's even more of a coincidence that there are two artists with "No" names back to back. I didn't realize either of those until I posted the playlist here.

If you're interested - or really bored - you can find all of the free SXSW music here, hosted by Google. As I said, there's some really good stuff to be found, but wow is there a lot of garbage too. I think it's worth the effort though. I manage to find some really great music each year.

I still have two more of these SXSW 2012 playlists yet to post.

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