The New Alphabetical, Part Two

Last week, I decided to post an alphabetical playlist. I worked my way through the first half of my iTunes library, following the order iTunes lists artists in. In the old days (*cough*) an artist like Xavier Rudd would be listed by his last name, in the Rs. But with digital media, he's an X.

So be it.

Here's the second half of the alphabet, artist by artist, from N to Z.

I didn't realize how challenging it would be to make an A to Z playlist. I had to dig deep for a Q... and the Z barely counts since Zwan might as well be Smashing Pumpkins. Zmashing Pumpkins, perhaps? Owen is the stage name for Mike Kinsella, and World Party is really just Karl Wallinger, whose 1990 album Goodbye Jumbo is excellent.

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