A Look Back At SXSW 2011

Free music is a blessing and a curse. The music is a blessing, obviously, but finding it can be a curse. This is true even when the music is given to you.

Take, for example, music from the South By South West music festival which is going on now in Austin TX. The good people at SXSW freely give away tons of music. And I do mean tons. Each year, torrent files are created to make it easy for anyone to freely and legally download around a thousand songs by musicians performing there.

A Thousand?!? Awesome! ...no, sadly. It isn't awesome. Though roughly 2,000 bands and artists perform during the annual SXSW festival, I'm going to assume that half of them won't allow their music to be shared online. And you know what that means. The half that DO allow their music to be shared do so because most of them suck.

Most. But definitely not all.

I whittled last years roughly 1,000 songs available online via SXSW down to 26. Of those 26, one was a song I'd already posted previously (I never post a song again if I've posted it in a previous playlist. It's an OCD thing).

...and here's the playlist.

This year's 2012 SXSW torrents have been posted. It's basically two files, each with an absolute ton of music. If you want to dive in, go nuts. Here's where you'll find 'em. But don't say I didn't warn you. There's a lot of bad music to chew through in order to find the gems. Oh, but there are always a few gems to be found.

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