The New Alphabetical, Part One

Surely, by now, you've noticed the New Alphabetical. It's kind of like the New Math, but with letters. Or not.

Actually, it's the iIng of organization, where the first letter dictates an artist's place in a digital list. In the old days, Eddie Vedder was filed under V. Today, he's filed under E. Josh Rouse is now under J, and Portland's own Langhorn Slim is found among the Ls. You may be thinking "It ain't right" as you shout the kids off the iLawn... but, alas. It is what it is.

Luckily, "the" is ignored, unless it's the The, in which case... well... it's still filed under the.

I'm going with the new alphabetical, from A to M, in the playlist that follows. I'll get to the second half of the alphabet next weekish. Probably. Unless I'm feeling inspired to post something else.

Butterflies Instead by K's Choice is such a sad but sweet song. Everything's alright. Stuffed animals are always right.

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