It's In Keeping With Your Not Sleeping Around

A playlist of love, though not necessarily for Valentines Day.

A few notes.

#1: Yeah, this gets poppy toward the end, especially with Owl City, but COME ON! If you can't indulge in a little over the top sweetness on Valentine's Day, when can you? I'm rotting my teeth out with chocolate as I type this for chrisssssakes. "If my heart was a house, you'd be home."

#2: Ned's Atomic Dustbin:
"You keep saying I'm tired of you,
but I'm just tired.
While I keep saying you're sick of me,
but you're just sick.
It's in keeping with your not sleeping around.
You only do it 'cause you can.
You only say it 'cause you can.
I'm supposed to take it like a man.
What if I can't?"
That's from a fun album from the mid 90's called "Are You Normal?"

#3: I can't say enough good things about Donovan Woods. He's released two CDs: "The Hold Up" and "The Widowmaker." Both are excellent. This line, from I Ain't Saying... is absolutely heartbreaking:

"I ain't saying she's better than you,
you see.
But she's just better than you for me."

#4: Duncan Sheik "What am I waiting for?" ...for all of the geniuses (you don't really need to know every last detail)

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