I wish there were a better way to find new music. Sure, there are all sorts of streaming options online, like Slacker and Pandora, or lists upon lists, like Last FM. What we really need is a combination of the two. Pandora with charts, perhaps. A list that is based on your tastes and changes with input, such as "Only albums released in 2011" or "Only artists not listed in my iTunes Library (or Last.fm maybe).

I'll follow up on this rant below... but first, a piano-based playlist that begins with a recent and amazing find. Jail, by Donovan Woods.

Jail is such a great song. It's a simple song. It doesn't tell a story. It just sets a scene and it leaves you there.

Donovan Woods is a relatively unknown artist, and that's a shame. He's released two CDs and they are both absolutely excellent. You can find them on Amazon and the iTunes Store.

I wish there were a better way to find new music. I'm glad I recently stumbled onto music by Donovan Woods, but I can't help wondering how many other amazing artists I'd really enjoy if only I found a way to find their music in the first place.

There has to be a better way.

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