About Me

Hi... My name is Rob... and I... am an urbanite.

    "Hi Rob."

I live in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. Previously, I've lived in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and so on and so forth. I'm a Pennsylvania boy by birth, but the Pacific Northwest is where I'm proud to call home.

Politically speaking, I am so independent that I'm not even an Independent. I vote with my head and my heart, political affiliation be damned, and I cling fiercely to the golden rule. Most would call me a liberal, but I simply say I am a man with a conscience who votes accordingly.

About Jalpuna:

Jalpuna is a fake word. It is not Spanish, so give it a nice hard J when you pronounce it, m'kay?

Once upon a time, when I was getting a land-line phone number (remember those?), I asked for a number than didn't have any 1s or 0s. If you don't have any 1s or 0s, you can spell out your number. The phone number I got spelled Jalpuna, which sounded a lot better than a previous phone number: Glouper. Sadly, Jalpuna isn't my phone number anymore. And if it were, I certainly wouldn't be explaining its meaning here, because that'd be dumb.

As for the website... Years ago, I was hired to build a website for a client who needed an online portfolio that also featured a blog. In order to teach myself how to build the back-end of a content management system, I decided to buy the domain name Jalpuna.com and build a site with a blog for it. And when I had a client who needed a portfolio site with a streaming audio player, in order to teach myself how to do that, I built one into Jalpuna. Then came the client who wanted to stream his photos... I taught myself how to do that by building it into my site as well. This more or less explains how this website became what it is.

The challenge has been to maintain a sense of minimalism while adding content. Hopefully, I've achieved that.

I'm a firm believer that if you want to improve your web design skills, there's no better way than to build and maintain a site with a blog. A blog is a form of dynamic design. It's a place to crash test ideas and to put new concepts into practice. Dynamic design is the best kind of design to tinker with because, if you eff it up, you eff it up dynamically.

About My Photography:

Some photographers take their cameras to extraordinary places. They hike to waterfalls or travel to foreign countries. Others find beautiful models to pose. I like to hike to waterfalls. I love to travel abroad. And, yes, I enjoy admiring attractive women. But that's not what I do with a camera. Instead, I capture urban fragments. I do this because I enjoy finding and sharing the beauty of the everyday. The beauty of the norm. The beauty of the here and now. It's all about the little things.

I think that, all too often, people think of beauty as something out of the ordinary. They think of it as something outside of their regular life. I think beauty surrounds us. All we have to do is take a moment and allow ourseles to notice.

That's what I do.

I notice.

These Are My Sites:

Jalpuna - You know about this one, obviously, since you're already here :)

Sniction - I created a random writing-prompt generator for a project a few years ago. Sniction is short for Spam-Name Fiction. Each random writing prompt contained a name, a noun and a verb. All of the names were taken from spam emails I'd received. I liked the idea enough that I built a website for it.

Twenty200 - This is sort-of like a stripped down even more minimal Jalpuna designed to display my photography. Truth be told, I created Jalpuna as a place for writing and Twenty200 for photography. Eventually, the photography came to Jalpuna too, and I added some of my favorite writing to Twenty200. Twenty200 evolved into a virtual business card to give someone I might not want to give my entire blog to.

You can also find me on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram, or wandering the streets of downtown Portland. Well, I'm more likely to be on the sidewalk than the street. But you probably knew that.

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