Foster The People

If you haven't heard the new CD 'Torches' by Foster The People, you really should check it out. As luck would have it, if you're in Multnonah County, you can find it at your local library. Pumped Up Kicks is the song you may have heard on the radio, but the album just gets better and better from there.

You can actually find a ton of this stuff at the Library. Lykke Li, Benji Hughes, Yeasayer, LCD Soundsystem, Beck, OK Go... even that Soul Coughing remix. God, I love the library.

Radiohead's Bangers & Mash will be a little harder to find. That one is from the 2 CD 'Discbox' version of their In Rainbows album.

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Emma said:

I definitely agree with you on that one! There are tons of awesome songs Foster hasn't released as singles, so their album is definitely worth listening too :) I just recently saw their video for Helena Beat, and have to say it's great! http://www.vevo.com/watch/foster-the-people/helena-beat/USSM21100904

::::: | August 30, 2011 5:43 AM

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