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Ah, but this isn't about sex at all. It's about sax. In fact, it's about an entire playlist of songs with sax.

I don't understand why a record company would release an album on different dates these days, considering how ubiquitous the digital music has become. It seems downright counterproductive. The new Gomez CD 'Whatever's On Your Mind' was released in England last week, but it won't be available in the U.S. until June 21st? That's just dumb. It actually encourages piracy. The first single, 'Options,' is the only thing for sale in the U.S. It's quite good.

Admittedly, this playlist is pretty scattered, though I think it comes together nicely. In some ways, it's a reflection of what's going on musically over the past few years.

Think about it. Is there anything groundbreaking going on right now, musically? Not really. I'm not saying there isn't any great music being recorded... it's just that it's been a while since I heard anything truly groundbreaking cross over into the mainstream. Instead, we seem to be in a period of rediscovery. The sound of the 70s and 80s are back in a big way. Lady Gaga is the new Madonna. And that's fine. She's recording 80's pop, just bolder and louder, but 80's all the same. And bands like Fleet Foxes sounds as if they stepped straight out of the 70's.

Even the sax is back. Sort of. A little. We'll see if that turns into a fad or not. Sax solos were everywhere on the radio in the 80s. I'm torn between hoping it happens again and hoping it doesn't happen again. Time will tell!

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