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...can we be happy?
Show me the mosh pit.
...can we be happy?
We can be happy underground!

One of my favorite things about listening to music with iTunes is the ability to create "Smart Playlists."

Sure, I could start digging through my library, dragging songs I like into a playlist... but it's so much easier to say, hey, I'm in the mood for some 90s music, and let iTunes do the work.

And that's how I created the basis for this playlist.
-- YEAR: is in the range 1990 to 1999
-- RATING: is greater than two stars
-- PLAYLIST: is not "Jalpuna"

OK, look, about that last part. Yeah, I'm a little OCD. Surely you've noticed. Among my quirks, such as the fact that I take pictures of stripes and patterns, is my desire to never post a song on more than one playlist here. So, I created a Jalpuna playlist in iTunes. Each week, when I post a playlist here, I dump those songs into that iTunes playlist too. That makes not repeating songs pretty easy.

It's a nice mix, I think, including obscure tracks by Shed Seven and Noah's Arkweld, forgotten songs by Orbit and The Sundays, and classics by Ben Folds and Nirvana. Really, if you haven't pulled out your copies of Ben Folds Five's self titled debut or In Utero by Nirvana, you really should. They both stand the test of time so well. And then there's the brilliant CD Goodbye Jumbo by World Party, which is just a pseudonym for Karl Wallinger. Yikes! With a name like that? World Party it is. Oh, and Soul Coughing? Such a shame they're not still together.

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