It was a cold, dark and damp night tonight. And, for whatever reason, it kind of sounded sort of like this...

...at least, to me.

My playlists have been going off in odd directions lately. Last week was twangy-ish, this week it's mellow electronica-ish. I'm big on the ish, apparently.

I built this playlist based on how the songs sounded together. It wasn't until literally 30 seconds ago that it occurred to me I'd put two songs with nearly identical titles together. In case you're curious, that wasn't at all intentional.

I can't say enough good things about the CD by Fences. Fences is actually just a stage name for Chris Mansfield, and his CD is superb. The Fences song in this playlist is a remix. The original version is on the Fences CD, but both versions are on the iTunes store. Both are highly recommended!

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