Youth Knows No Pain

Lykke Li says "Youth Knows No Pain." If she's right, clearly, my youth is gone. Ah, that's ok. With age comes experience. Or so they say. All I know is that my dental surgery seems to be healing nicely. It's far less ouchy. Hopefully my next checkup will confirm that all is going well tomorrow.

The playlist below has nothing to do with any of this, however. It's just a collection of what has been playing in my iTunes lately.

The Lonely Forest's 'Ramshackle House' sort-of appears twice in this playlist. The first version is from The Lonely Forest EP and the second is included within the song Tunnels from their new CD Arrows. I hate to say it, but Arrows is a disappointment. Some of the strongest tracks on it are taken from their previous CD and EP, and some of the rest is... well... it's kind of weak. If you're on the fence about buying that one, I'd say get the EP instead.

Also: does Best Coast sound like they could have stepped straight out of 1960 or what?!

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