You Do Not Want This

I can almost promise that you'll hate this playlist. That's ok. I don't blame you. It's a bit difficult. I'm posting it because I'm feeling particularly difficult tonight. Hell, I've been feeling difficult for the last two weeks thanks to dental surgery.

Dental surgery? Yup. I recently had a root canal that was done poorly over a decade ago repaired. I was totally unprepared for how much this experience would suck. The oral surgeon had mentioned a soft diet ahead of time when explaining the procedure. Really. I swear I heard the words "soft diet." After the procedure was done, I was told it would be a liquid diet. Grr.

Yeah, well, I'm surviving it all. Hopefully, the stitches in my mouth (ouch!) will be removed tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to eat real food again soon. In the meantime, I'm feeling... well... difficult.

Matthew Good's "I Am Not Safer Than A Bank" always makes me laugh. "I'm not safer than a bank bitch, but you're bound to find out nothing is."

Also: somebody needs to lock the Weakerthans in a studio and not let them out until they've got a new CD. Give them food and water, obviously. But nothing else. Not until we've got new music.

Did I mention I'm feeling difficult? Maybe grumpy would be a better word.

P.S. Duran Duran? Really? Yes, really. It's a great piece of music from an album that was otherwise mostly crap.

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