It's The Weight. Wait. What?

The weight of the wait
is never as great
as the bait
of the date.

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I love this photo. Ignore the stripes and look again. This shot is all about the shadows. Imagine that the shadow to the left is a building, and the shadow to the right is a man standing on the sidewalk. He's waiting for his date to arrive. And he's experiencing a moment of doubt.

Maybe she's only running a little late
Maybe her phone is dead.
Maybe she can't call because she forgot to jot down his number.
Maybe traffic was bad.
Maybe she's having trouble finding a place to park.
Maybe she's changed her mind.
Maybe she's already decided that he's not the one.
Maybe our skinny friend is being stood up,
Or maybe she's just running late.

::::: | Saturday, Feb 19 2011 at 9:52 PM
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