Let Me Wrestle With My Own Ghosts Instead

"When the smoke meets the sky, we will know by then, we don't need a perfect plan." That, along with the title to this post, is a quote from Sarah Jaffe. She's an amazing woman. If you aren't familiar with her music, you should be. And lucky for you, I've posted one of her songs in this week's playlist. It's a fun one too. "Perfect Plan" is from her CD "Suburban Nature," which sounds anything but suburban.

It's brilliant.

I love making playlists, and this one is an example of what I enjoy in a playlist. This playlist has a 'sound' even though the artists don't have that much in common. It begins with Telekinisis, a band (more or less) produced by Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie. As it wanders and travels from there, everything just sort of sounds good together.

I can't recommend that Telekinisis CD highly enough. They have a new disk on the way this year and I'll be excited to hear it.

Also, Fences. Damn, that's a great CD.

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