Crinkle Crinkle Little Scar

Disney was right. Thanks to the internet, it is a small world after all. At times, this smallness can be both hilarious and creepy. For example: I stumbled onto music by Fences when... geez, how do I even explain it? Someone's ex-love from 25 years ago posted a comment on the facebook wall of someone I've friended but haven't seen in over twenty years, and THAT comment led me to a youtube video that wasn't a video at all. It was just an album cover that displayed while a song by a band called Fences played.

I've been hooked on Fences ever since.

Here's the Fences CD on Amazon and iTunes (it's cheaper on Amazon). I highly highly highly recommend it.

Another one worth pointing out this week is Constellations by Darwin Deez, with clever lines like "Crinkle crinkle little scar". Catchy catchy catchy! And I posted a new one by Ben Folds, with lyrics by Nick Hornby. I also posted an old one by Say Hi To Your Mom (now they're just "Say Hi"). They have a new album on the way soon. Hooray for that.

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Tessa123 said:

It is funny how you stumble upon things. Sitting at my computer I decided to type crinkle crinkle crinkle into the google url and see what entertaining things came up, and it brought me to this page! Totally love the random playlist idea!

Thanks for sharing the music.

::::: | February 13, 2011 5:42 PM

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