She Said "I Wish My Name Was Clementine"

The following playlist began with a thought during a wet walk through town as my mind wandered through a list of names I settled on Abigail. No, not for me. I needed a name for my Nikon. I'll explain why when I have a moment later in the week to type out the story. [Done!]

A few highlights:

Odette is from Matthew Good's album Hospital Music. With a title like that, you'd expect it to be dark, and you'd be correct. But it's a stunning album.

Stephanie is a Lindsey Buckingham song that predates his days with Fleetwood Mac. Yes, it's THAT old, but I think it's lovely. Can a guy say 'lovely'? Well, I just did. I don't get why Saturday Night Live makes fun of him every week during their sketch "What's Up With That?" Seriously.... what's up with that?

Clem Snide: if you like Anita, you should check out their album "The Meat Of Life." It's excellent.

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