Pickup Trucks An' Shootin' Ducks!

There's a new Ben Folds album, but it isn't exactly 'by' Ben Folds. It's called Lonely Avenue, with music written and sung by Folds, and lyrics by Nick Hornby. One of the highlights of Lonely Avenue is the song Levi Johnston's Blues, which you can hear in the playlist. It's track #9.

The hook from Levi Johnston's Blues reminds me of a radio station I once worked at. Sort of.

I was part of a team signing on a new alternative station in Florida many years ago. Before actually signing on the new station, we spent some time signing on fake stations, mostly just for the fun of it. One of those fake stations lasted an hour or so. It was a country station called Bubba 93. I still remember one of the slogans: "Pickup trucks, an' shootin' ducks! We're Bubba 93!"

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