Apogee Maestro: Play Through

In this post, I'm going to tackle Play Through using the Maestro software that comes bundled with hardware such as the Apogee Duet. I'm posting the info here in hopes that it might be useful to someone else. Maybe even you...?

In the old days before OS X, there was an option in the sound control panel to have audio "play through" your Mac. Let's say you had a radio connected to your Mac's audio inputs. By selecting "Play Through", you could hear the radio through whatever speakers you'd connected to your Mac's audio outputs.

I assume Apple removed play through capability from the sound control panel when designing OS X because too many people were too stupid to understand how to properly use it. I guarantee lots of people ended up calling Apple tech support to figure out why they were getting a feedback loop... Grrr.

Ah, but your Apogee hardware has the ability to easily do play through.

Launch the Apogee Maestro that was installed when you installed your hardware (in my case, a Duet). Go to the Maestro Mixer window.

Click the "To Hardware" menu in the lower right corner.

Don't forget to check your input settings in the Maestro Control window. In this case, I'm using 1/4 inch inputs rather than XLR. Maestro labels them as Instrument.

Click for a larger view.

Finally, in the main menu, under File, save your settings. I named mine Play Through.

Your Apogee hardware will continue to use these settings even after you quit Maestro, so you need not keep it running.

Your Mac now has Play Through.

Yes, I realize there are other ways of accomplishing the same thing, but why install other software - or worse, system hacks - when you've already installed Maestro? There is one flaw to this setup, however. When you restart your Mac, your Apogee hardware won't remember your settings until you launch Maestro. In tomorrow's post, I'll show you how to easily solve that.

P.S. All of my Apogee Duet/Maestro posts are here.

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