And I Think It's Gonna Be A Long Long Time

I saw a TV commercial recently that used the song Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder, and I remembered playing a cover version of it by Red Hot Chili Peppers on the radio way back when. Sure enough, the Chili Peppers version of Higher Ground is in my iTunes library. I hadn't listened to it in years. I never realized how well produced the song was.

That inspired me to post a playlist of cover tunes. The original artists are noted below.

  1. Rocket Man | Jason Mraz
    ...originally by Elton John
  2. The Man Who Sold The World | Nirvana
    ...originally by David Bowie
  3. Higher Ground | Red Hot Chili Peppers
    ...originally by Stevie Wonder
  4. Love Song | 311
    ...originally by The Cure
  5. In Between Days | Ben Folds
    ...originally by The Cure
  6. Last Kiss | Pearl Jam
    ...originally by Wayne Cochran
  7. Don't Stop The Music | Jamie Cullum
    ...originally by Rihanna
  8. That's Entertainment | Morrissey
    ...originally by The Jam
  9. Blame It On The Tetons | Josh Ritter
    ...originally by Modest Mouse
  10. Firefly | Mike Doughty
    ...originally by American Music Club
  11. Forever Young | Youth Group
    ...originally by Alphaville
  12. Love | The Dream Academy
    ...originally by John Lennon
  13. For What It's Worth | The Candy Skins
    ...originally by Buffalo Springfield, with a touch of Sympathy For The Devil by the Rolling Stones
  14. Only Love Can Break Your Heart | St. Etienne
    ...originally by Neil Young
  15. Earth Angel | Death Cab For Cutie
    ...originally by The Penguins
  16. Just Like Heaven | Kat Edmonson
    ...originally by The Cure

That last one really floored me. I need to seek out more music by Kat Edmonson. Her cover of The Cure is phenomenal!

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