Other People's Problems

While walking home from one of my favorite pubs tonight, I found myself standing next to a guy while waiting for traffic to pass so I could cross the street at 21st & Hoyt.

I was as chipper as could be after meeting up with a flickr friend for a photo walk followed by a few beers at The New Old Lompoc. The guy I was standing next to may have had a good evening too. I don't know. What I do know is that his night wasn't going well.

As we stood in the darkness, I hadn't noticed he was holding a cell phone until I heard him say:

"Well, the right *YOU* reserve to fuck whoever you want is the right *I* reserve to [something?]..."


I didn't get to hear where the conversation went from there, but it doesn't even matter, does it? Regardless of what was said next, there's no chance that anything good would come of it.

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