Every One Of You Is Fired

I have to admit, I enjoy making playlists. Playlists, mixed CDs, compilations, you name it. I love 'em. For me, a proper mix has a beginning and end end. The songs need not sound similar, but they should easily flow from one to the next, and the overall compilation should have a 'feel' to it, whatever that means. Grin.

This week's playlist begins and ends with a pair of songs from Jamie Cullum's latest (and excellent) CD "The Pursuit," and it wanders from there, as any playlist should.

One of my favorites this week is "Fired" by Ben Folds. It's a song about being fed up with your life, and firing people from it.

"Every one of you is fired!
Every one of you is
oh, oh, oh oh, FIRED."

That cracks me up,

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