If This Were A Country Song, I Would Be Drunk Now

The theme to this week's playlist is about as obvious as they come.

You used to say my secrets were safe
And that I had no need to lock them away
But I could kick myself to death
For leaving you the key
And now I know
What security means to me.
Hard to get a hold of what it means to me

And it's hard to get out of the gutter
When it's raining feet
And every helping hand's a fist

I'm drinking the wishing well dry
And collecting the coins
And my cup's brimming over with bliss
Seems that when my throat gets dry
My words get wry
And I raise my glass like a fist
Every sip's a kiss

- Trashcan Sinatras

::::: | Monday, Jun 07 2010 at 2:17 PM
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