A new playlist for the new year. I'm particularly hooked on New Beginnings by Amos The Transparent (it's available on eMusic if you subscribe there). The song is actually two songs, but I don't understand why they labeled them as such since they flow together as one (as you'll hear).

The first :31 is called How I Failed As An Architect. Then, the rest of the song is called (Here's To) New Beginnings. Eh, whatever. I think it's great. Dark, but great.

I, for one, have been counting my blessings since you went away.

If that's the thanks that I get, I'd rather that than another hole in my head. If that's the thanks that I get for loving you.

I do have a gripe about New Beginnings, but I'm probably the only one who notices this sort of thing. The female singer's microphone has a de-esser that's set waaaay to high, which is why she endth up counting her blethingth rather than counting her blessings. It doesn't happen in every instance, but if you notice it when it does happen, you'll really notice it! Yeah, I'm awesome when it comes to ruining songs by finding the errors. ....thtill.... it'th a great thong and I highly recommend checking it out.

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