Tenuous, At Best

This week's playlist is just a random sample of what's been playing on my iTunes lately.

I'm really excited about the new Mike Doughty CD. It's called Sad Man Happy Man, and it's a return to the sound of his early solo work. If you like this one, you'll enjoy the whole album - and you'll enjoy his album Skittish even more. Those are iTunes store links, by the way.

The other gem to check out from this playlist is Taller Children, by Elizabeth & The Catapult. If the rest of their CD sounds anything like this, I'll probably love it. I have that one on reserve at the library, and since I'm hold #2 of three copies, I'll get to hear the entire album enough. [Update: I got the disk and it doesn't sound like Taller Children. Ah well].

...you DO know you can check music and movies out at the library, right? RIGHT? Oh, you'll never find any of the good stuff at the library since it's always checked out... but you can find it all on their website, and you can have up to fifteen items in your account list. When one becomes available, they'll send you an email to come and pick it up.

I love our library!

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