Love, Love Is A Verb

It's a dark gray windy day, for which, somehow, this seems appropriate. It's a playlist of cover tunes, mostly done in a darker manner than the originals.

Below, in brackets, I've listed who performed the original version of each song. I mention this because so many pop songs aren't written by the artist performing them... not that all of these were originally pop songs. I thought it would be more useful to list the artist being covered rather than a songwriter most have never heard of.

  1. Teardrop | Newton Faulkner
    [Massive Attack]

  2. The Killing Moon | Greg Laswell
    [Echo And The Bunnymen]

  3. Never Going Back Again | Matchbox Twenty
    [Fleetwood Mac]

  4. I Can't Make You Love Me | Sarah Bettens
    [Bonnie Raitt]

  5. Love Vigilantes | Iron & Wine
    [New Order]

  6. Heartless | The Fray
    [Kanye West]

  7. Down Under | Colin Hay
    [Men At Work]

  8. It'll Never Happen Again | Mexico 70
    [Tim Hardin]

  9. Beautiful | The Lemonheads
    [Christina Aguilera]

  10. Road To Nowhere | Editors
    [Talking Heads]

  11. God Only Knows | Jonatha Brooke
    [Beach Boys]

I realize Colin Hay was the lead singer of Men At Work, and thus, Down Under is actually his own song... but still... it's not the version you probably know, and it fits nicely in this playlist.

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